Once you have activated your profile and set yourself a fundraising goal, share your page’s link to spread the word.

EASY – you’ve started fundraising!

Asking for donations

The easiest way to raise funds for the Weet-Bix TRYathlon Foundation is to ask as many people as you can and always have your fundraising page handy for them. 

Remember, tell them about how you are participating in the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon, why you’re raising funds for the Weet-Bix TRYathlon Foundation and where the money will go. 

Also you know nothing quite compares to the feeling of stepping up to the starting line wearing the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon t-shirt. That’s why you want to help as many Kiwi kids as possible.

Some great ways to ask for donations include:

* face-to-face
* via an email
* if you have them, with parent’s permission – Facebook and Instagram

It doesn’t hurt to ask more than once, as people tend to be busy and often forget. Another top tip is to also ask your donors to tell their friends and family to visit your fundraising page link.

When it comes to fundraising, you are only limited by your imagination!  Here are some ideas to help you have fun raising money for the Weet-Bix TRYathlon Foundation;

* Mow lawns for your neighbours.
* Wash your car or your neighbour’s car.
* Complete your chores at home in exchange for your parents making a donation.
* Give something up for a day – such as gaming or talking!  Just make sure you let everyone know.
* Sell any pre-loved toys that you no longer want.
* Host an event, like a movie or trivia night.

Any of these events can be paid for via the fundraising page, your donor simply can tell you in their message what it is for. 

If you want a handy print out of most of these tips and tricks and some suggested ways to help tell your story when sharing your Fundraising page link, click here.