1.  Purchase your bike from a trusted bike store

It will ensure the bike is fitted and set up correctly plus pre checked to provide endless fun!

2.  Find the right size bike

Getting the bike which is the right fit is crucial to your safety. Bikes that are too large, can prevent you from touching the ground and hands from reaching the hand brakes. Bikes that are too small, on the other hand, force you to pedal awkwardly!

3.  Use your head – wear a helmet

Riding a bike is fun for all ages, but as with anything, safety must always come first. Your helmet must fit properly and comfortably. You don’t want it too small or too big.

4.  Don’t forget your gear

Take a water bottle and make sure you wear sunscreen. Don’t overloaded yourself with heavy items that could affect your balance.

5.  Pace yourself

Don’t start off your ride to fast or you will tire yourself. Try to keep a consistent pace throughout.

6.  Be careful

Keep an eye on the road ahead of you as well as on the cyclists around you.

7.  Have fun!