School Groups

If your school has registered as a group at your event, your students can receive a school group discount for their registration fee and help your school to win great prizes! Your students can join your school’s group either by completing a permission slip and returning this to the school group coordinator or by choosing to link to your school group when registering from home.

In order for your school to qualify for prizes, the school group will need to have a minimum number of participants entered:

School Roll * Number of Participants Required
100+ 15+ students
51-100 10+ students
50 or less 5+ students

*School rolls as supplied by Ministry of Education 

School group registrations do not carry over from year to year, so you will need to apply to enter a school group into the 2016/2017 Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon series even if you took part last year.

How to register a school group

  1. Complete the School Coordinator Application Form to apply to be your school group’s coordinator.
  2. When your application has been accepted after two business days, you will receive a confirmation email from us containing a How to Register School Participants guide, and the student permission slip. Please save this confirmation email for future reference.
  3. A. Give out the permission slips to participants and collect their completed forms with their registration payment.Using the completed permission slips, register your school group participants through the online registration process. Remember to access the online registration form through the link in your confirmation email. B. Give out your unique school group registration URL and encourage students to register at home and link to your school group to receive the school group discount.
  4. Track your school group registrations on your School Coordinator dashboard using the link in your confirmation email.

Registration Cut-Off dates for School Groups

Event School Coordinator Applications Close
(All cut-offs occur at midnight)
School Registration Cut-Off Date
Rotorua Thurs, 3 November 2016 Thurs, 10 November 2016
South Auckland Mon, 7 November 2016 Mon, 14 November 2016
Mt Maunganui Thurs, 17 November 2016 Thurs, 24 November 2016
Central Auckland Thurs, 12 January 2017 Thurs, 19 January 2017
Hastings Mon, 16 January 2016 Mon, 23 January 2016
Hamilton Thurs, 19 January 2017 Thurs, 26 January 2017
Gisborne Mon, 23 January 2017 Mon, 30 January 2017
Christchurch Thurs, 26 January 2017 Thurs, 2 February 2017
Dunedin Thurs, 2 February 2017 Thurs, 9 February 2017
Nelson Thurs, 9 February 2017 Thurs, 16 February 2017
Hutt City Mon, 13 February 2017 Mon, 20 February 2017
Wellington Thurs, 16 February 2017 Thurs, 23 February 2017
Palmerston North Mon, 20 February 2017 Mon, 27 February 2017
Hibiscus Coast Thurs, 23 February 2017 Thurs, 2 March 2017
New Plymouth Mon, 27 February 2017 Mon, 6 March 2017
Bay of Islands Thurs, 2 March 2017 Thurs, 9 March 2017

Apply to be your School Group’s Coordinator

Applications open Monday 26th September 2016.

Apply here

Weet-Bix Tryathlon Foundation

The Weet-Bix TRYathlon Foundation was established in 2008 by Sanitarium staff to enable underprivileged and disadvantaged kiwi children the opportunity to take part in and experience the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon. Find out more.

I need help!

Our Registration & Call Centre team are available to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us on 0800 WEET BIX (9338 249) or at

Our office hours are:
Monday – Thursday 9am to 5pm
Friday 9am to 12:30pm