School FAQs

What is involved with being a School Coordinator?

Once a School Group is created, there is nothing further a school coordinator is required to do.

Students will be able to link to the School Group from home when they enter. School coordinators have the option to do more for their School Group by:

  • Inviting participants to join their School Group via the unique ‘group invite link’
  • Entering a list of participants on their behalf via the “Group Import” function
  • See who has joined their School Group and download a simple roll of participants via the ‘Export As’ function
  • Opt in for discounted shipping ($3.30 per student) of their students TRYathlete packs to the school
  • Distributing discounted codes to participants when applicable
  • Setting up a school marquee at event for their students and parents to gather and have a meeting point throughout the day
  • Paying for students on their behalf via a school invoice

How do I link a registered student to my School Group?

If you have students who have already entered and would like to link to your School Group, they can use the ‘Access’ link on their Entry Confirmation Email to edit their entry details. On their entry page, there will be a button to ‘Join a School Group.’ Please note that School Groups can only be searched and selected if they have been created prior to the point of entry.

Alternatively, parents can email their child’s full name, event location, and the name of the School Group to and our Customer Services Team will link them to the group.

Can I apply a Promotional Code to a School Participant AFTER entering?

If you would like to add a promotional code for a participant after they have entered, please get in touch with our Customer Services team on with the promotional code, students names and school name.

Can I get assistance with the cost of entering?

If there are students at your school that cannot afford the barriers to participate, please apply to the Weet-Bix Foundation on their behalf. The Weet-Bix Foundation provides financial assistance in the form of subsidised entries and/or the donation of equipment such as bikes and helmets.

You can nominate your school to the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon Foundation here.

School Pack Delivery Deadlines, Cost, and Process

When creating a School Group, school coordinators will have the option to have TRYathlete Packs delivered to the school for a reduced postage fee of $3.30 per TRYathlete Pack. If your school coordinator selects this option the Packs will be delivered to the school office in bulk, and the school will need to distribute the TRYathlete Packs out to the participants prior to the event date.

To have the TRYathlete Packs delivered to the school, select the ‘Pick Up’ option under the ‘How would you like to manage your SCHOOL GROUP TRYathlete Packs?’ question when creating a School Group.

School postage cuts off four weeks before the event – cut off dates for each event will be available on your event location page.

When can I set up our School Marquee?

If your school has created a School Group, you are entitled to set up your school marquee at the event.

For weekday events, these can be put up between 3pm and 7pm the day before the event, or between 6:30am and 7:30am on event morning.

For weekend events, please see our Saturday marquee set up times here. They can also be set up between 5:30am and 6:30am on the morning of the event.

Can I bring a BBQ to the event?

If your school is planning on providing food for their participants, please contact us beforehand to make these arrangements. For health & safety reasons, we require all barbeques onsite to be assessed prior to the event. The Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon reserves the right to cease any equipment that is not fit for purpose.

If your school would like to arrange the use of a barbeque or other cooking equipment onsite during the event day, please complete the form below and email to

Click here to download a BBQ Form

Parking/Drop Off at Event

Parking and drop off zones can be found on the course map specific to your event – these can be found on your event location page under the maps tab. Remember to check your event-specific Facebook page approximately 4 days before the event for further parking and drop off zone details.

If you have any questions about the general TRYathlon, please visit our main FAQs page.