Schools Permission Form

School Group Import: Permission Slips

You have selected that you want to upload your School Group participant entries via our Group Import Function. In order to do this, you will need to collect the information for your School Group by downloading our 2023/24 Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon Permission Slip.

How do I enter a group of TRYathlete’s into my School Group?:

  1. Download a TRYathlete Permission Form for parents/guardians to fill out and return to you with payment. (Select the relevant permission slip form for your School Group below).
  2. Download the School Group Import Template and fill it out using the completed permission forms.
  3. Send your completed School Group Import Template to by the allocated deadline.

TRY Pack Delivery Options

Parents can pay to get their child’s TRYathlete Pack’s sent to them before the event day.  As a School Coordinator who is completing a Group Import, you also have this option. Please download the correct Permission Slip for your courier choice:

School Delivery (Permission Slip 1): Get all TRYathlete Packs sent to the School for $3.30 extra per participant.

Pack Pick Up at Event (Permission Slip 2): Save $3.30 per Pack and pick up all TRYathlete Packs from the event site.