Prizes & Eligibility

School Group Prizes

By creating a School Group, your school could be in to win lots of great prizes! We will post a list of the prizes on this page shortly.

School Prize Categories

At each event, School Group prizes will be randomly selected from the above prize pool and be awarded to:

  • The School Group with the largest number of participants entered. The School Coordinator of this School Group will also win a prize.
  • The School Group with the largest percentage of their school roll entered as participants. This gives all our smaller schools a great chance to win a prize! The School Coordinator of this School Group will also win a prize.
  • Three randomly selected School Groups who have entered the eligible number of participants.

*The Hits Studio Visit prize includes a station tour and photo to be shared on relevant The Hits Facebook pages. NZME Radio Limited will contact the winning schools within 30 days of the event to organise a suitable date. If the date does not suit NZME Radio Limited, NZME will provide an alternative option. Studio visit is for maximum of 25 student and 5 adults to attend each visit.

School Prize Eligibility

In order for your school to qualify for prizes, the school group will need to have a minimum number of participants entered:

School Roll * Number of Participants Required
100+ 15+ students
51-100 10+ students
50 or less 5+ students

*School rolls as supplied by Ministry of Education