Here are some great running tips from ASICS to help you prepare for the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon.


8 Running Tips

  1. If you haven’t done a lot of running then start off on a small run, around the block or one lap of the park or school field and then slowly build up. You will be surprised at how quickly you improve.
  2. Train with others to make it more fun. The time always goes faster when you have someone to talk to!
  3. Mix it up – don’t do the same run all the time, find some new routes, find some stairs to run up, or do some sprints.
  4. Pace yourself. Don’t run too fast at the start or you might get a stitch.
  5. Always keep yourself hydrated, before, during and after your run.
  6. If you do get a ‘stitch’, slow down or walk for a bit, take long breaths, and place a hand on the area that is sore.
  7. Have a positive mind set – there may be times when you feel it’s too hard, prepare yourself with positive thoughts and self-talk to help you get through it. For example: “I am, I can, I will” and “breathe, believe, achieve”.
  8. Most of all have FUN!

Advice from PodiatryNZ

Great care should be taken with your child’s feet as they can be at risk from injury and deformity due to ill-fitting footwear and general activity.

The main difference between a child’s foot and an adult foot is that it grows. This means the child may suffer from foot and lower limb problems at different ages as they continue to develop and grow. Only once the arch is properly developed (usually around 8 – 10 years) will your child be able to develop an adult walking motion. Even when your child’s foot looks like an adults it is still vulnerable.

Having shoes that are the correct shape and fit is vital. You need the right shoe for the job.

Finding the right shoe for you

1. Make sure the shoes fit well – they shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, they should give your feet the perfect hug!

2. Get the correct support your feet need – does your foot roll inward or outward when running?

To find out make sure you are fitted by a sales assistant and have your foot checked. Getting the right support will help you protect your feet and stay safe when enjoying your run.

3. Make sure they are comfortable – really concentrate on how your feet feel before you buy them. Is your toe pushing up against the shoe, or your heel rubbing at the back?