The most unfamiliar part of TRYathlon is the transition between legs. This is where you need to go from swim to bike and bike to run. It is important to practice the transition beforehand so you are prepared on the day.

Not only is it good to practice getting changed into the right clothing and putting on the right equipment for the next leg but it is also good to get your body used to doing another activity straight away as it uses different muscles. Sometime when you hop off your bike and start running your legs can feel a bit like jelly!

You could try practicing by biking for a few minutes and then go straight to running off the bike with. For the  swim to bike you could try this at the swimming pool or beach or you could even try this at home, by running around under the sprinkler, drying yourself and then then putting your biking clothes on.

You should get used to drying yourself, putting your shoes and helmet on and getting on and off your bike.

Remember to practice in fully closed shoes so you get used to putting them on in Transition on the event day.

Practicing the transitions will improve the chances that it will all go smoothly on the day.